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Laura Osiadacz Files to Retain her Seat Serving the People as Kittitas County Commissioner

Laura has served the people of Kittitas County over the last four years working with our citizens in tandem to build a better future while respecting and preserving our rich past.

In 2016 Laura provided a vision for Kittitas County. She has stayed the course, continues to work tirelessly on these projects, and has delivered time after time.

This Vision Includes:

  • Develop Strategies and Opportunities to Increase Business and Economic Activity

  • Protect Property Rights Giving our Citizens the Opportunity to Utilize their Property as the Zoning is Intended

  • Lead Projects to Revitalize, Renovate, and Restore Old Businesses in order to Increase Community Values While Protecting our Heritage in Historical Districts

  • Increase Transparency

Below are Examples of Ways Laura is Fulfilling her Vision:

  • Working with multiple stakeholders to bring forestry jobs and mill operations to Kittitas County

  • Expand I-90 to Six Lanes: Leading the effort to meet with community members, Washington State Department of Transportation, as well as State and Federal legislatures to expand the I-90 East project. This will extend the project from the current location just west of Exit 70 to Exit 85 leading to US 97.

  • Amended the Wildland Urban Interface Code: The code was amended through recommendations of a stakeholder group consisting of the fire community and developers. The current code provides a means for homes to be built with fire danger in mind but also in a way to assess sites based on individual criteria which brings in common sense and affordability.

  • Funding from Lodging Tax was provided to implement marketing campaigns for the City of Roslyn ($24,150) and City of Kittitas ($18,700) in 2020

  • Laura is responsible for leading the effort in implementing the recording and live-streaming of Commissioner meetings.

  • Researched and convinced the Board of County Commissioners to maintain and operate a Facebook page to change with the times as people are using different sources to find information.

Let’s keep an accomplished, dynamic, and proven leader in office!

Please visit additional information.

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