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In April 2016, Laura was appointed, then elected to serve a four year term as Kittitas County Commissioner. She has worked with community members to make considerable gains during this time, and looks forward to what the next four years has to bring.

Accomplishments over the past four years include:

  • Secured all water needed to fulfill back mitigation requirements from the Department of Ecology

  • Provided a resource for water to junior water right holders during drought years.

  • Revised Kittitas County Code to provide clear direction for the sighting of commercial solar facilities while maintaining prime farmland

  • Addressed equity concerns for small and/or non-profits through the establishment of Micro-grants for Lodging Tax funds

  • Addressed the Wildland Urban Interface Code through a stakeholders group consisting of the fire and building communities. This resulted in code which provides for safer communities, but also takes into account common sense to ensure there are not burdens placed on homeowners and allows for compliance

  • Continue to serve on the Legislative Steering Committee working out of Olympia no less than four days per month during session representing Kittitas County and Counties across the State of Washington to address major issues such as forest health, funding for Secure Rural Schools, advocating against unfunded mandates, and testifying against legislation that restricts our ability to thrive in rural communities.

  • Invested in Long Range Planner to work with the County and community to help predict and guide development over the next 20- 50 years

  • Brought on a Director of Airport Operations for Bowers Field to manage the operations and build a plan to better utilize the county’s commercial and industrial space for business development

  • Increased government transparency by livestreaming and archiving Commissioner meetings, as well as communicating in multiple forums by initiating the Kittitas County Board of Commissions Facebook page


There are also many long term projects Laura has been working on over the last four years. Projects such as these take time, determination, and perseverance to fulfill. A few of the large projects that are currently being worked on include an expansion of Interstate 90 to reduce congestion throughout the region. Laura has consistently been meeting with stakeholders to solve this growing problem in our community. A few of the stakeholders include Washington State Department of Transportation, Central Washington University, State legislators, and Federal legislators with a goal of developing a mechanism to expand the six lane project from just east of Snoqualmie Summit to Exit 85 east of Cle Elum and beyond. This effort will not only alleviate state congestion, but traffic that is negatively impacting county infrastructure and rural living.   Another long term project is the development of a mill and the creation of forestry jobs. This will work hand in hand with forest health efforts and also allow for a more diversified economy.  Laura has been bringing attention to Central Washington through meetings with private land owners, the United States Forest Service, Washington State Department of Natural Resources, Federal and State legislators, and private businesses.


In addition to being the incumbent after serving four years as Kittitas County Commissioner- Position 2, Laura brings a wealth of other public service experiences including 5 years as a Roslyn City Council Member, and 12 years as a Volunteer Firefighter for the Roslyn Fire Department.


Kittitas County was recently identified as the eighth fastest growing micro area by percentage in the United States. Our community is at a crossroads. It is important to have someone in office that has the experience, relationships, thoughtfulness, and determination to manage this growth in a manner that the citizens of Kittitas County have a voice. Over the past four years one of the biggest skills she has learned is to navigate through local, state, and federal bureaucracies. Laura Osiadacz is a leader that will push the boundaries to do what is best for Kittitas County.

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